Favoto Flurry Off-Road Electric Bike
fat tire e44 electric bike
Favoto Flurry Off-Road Electric Bike
Favoto Flurry Off-Road Electric Bike
Favoto Flurry Off-Road Electric Bike
Favoto Flurry Off-Road Electric Bike
Favoto Flurry Off-Road Electric Bike
Favoto Flurry Off-Road Electric Bike
Favoto Flurry Off-Road Electric Bike
Favoto Flurry Off-Road Electric Bike
Favoto Flurry Off-Road Electric Bike

Favoto Flurry Off-Road Electric Bike


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Ebike Cover
Chain Lock


-- Total Length 77.6"


-- Handlebar Height 45.1"


-- Wheelbase 47.7"


-- Minimum Seat to Pedal Length 29.9"


-- Maximum Seat to Pedal Length 38.2"


-- Chain Stay Length 26"


-- Standover Height 29.3"


-- Top Tube Length 21.7"


-- Wheel Diameter 29.3"


-- Head Tube Length 4.1"


-- Handlebar Length 28"


Kenda 26"x4.0" Fat Tires

Front Fork

Alloy Hydraulic suspension fork

Brake Lever

Aluminum alloy grip levers with motor cutoff switch and bell


Half twist throttle with ON/OFF Switch


Headlight and brake light


48V LED light with waterproof cable

Rear Light

Brake taillight


Shimano freewheel 7-speed gear

Bike Frame

6061 Aluminum Frame


Durable imitation leather ergonomic grips


Tektro 180mm mechanical disc brakes


Ergonomic seat with lifting handle

Seat Post Diameter

Diameter 31.8mm, Length 350mm


Promax MA-5935


Shimano 7-speed thumb shifter


KMC chain


Alloy pedal with reflectors


Full coverage of front and rear


12-gauge stainless steel, black

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2-Year Warranty 30-Day Return Reliable Service Free Shipping
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Favoto Flurry Off-Road Electric Bike
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Flurry Electric Bike
Want an eco-friendly, labor-saving, and quality reliable electric bike? Let's see Favoto Flurry ebike. Not only are there zero emissions, there are no fuel costs and it makes exploring the outdoors fun. With a long distance of up to 60km and a top speed of 25MPH, meet your short-distance travel needs. The 4-inch fat tire design makes the e-bike suitable for all terrains, whether it is flat roads or muddy mountain roads.
  • 750w Power

    Power through hills

  • 48V 14Ah Battery

    4-6 hours fast charge

  • 35-60 Miles

    Long Range Ride

  • 20MPH (25MPH)

    Top Speed (Unlocked)

  • 300 LBS

    Payload Capacity

  • 5.3FT - 6.4FT

    Recommended Height


750W Motor Power: Fast Acceleration & Good Gradability

The BAFANG motor is a potent choice for electric bikes because of its peak output power of 1000 watts. It is also capable of generating powerful and reliable power to help riders maintain their speed even on difficult terrain. It has a climbing angle of 40 degrees and an 80 Nm torque.

672Wh Battery Capacity, 60 Miles Long Range

Embedded 48V 14Ah LG battery with fast charging that can fully charge in 4-6 hours. And can be charged and discharged for up to 1000 cycles. The detachable design makes it convenient for you to remove the battery to charge or replace the spare battery at any time to extend battery life, simple and portable.

Ebike Safety: LED Headlight & Red Brake Light

In poor light or inclement weather, the 48V LED light with a waterproof cord offers enough illumination to ensure visibility, allowing riders to see clearly and be noticed by other drivers. Upon braking, the tail light becomes red to warn oncoming traffic and pedestrians and to ensure the safety of riders. Its job is crucial, especially at night when there isn't enough light or terrible weather.

Shimano 7-speed & Throttle Switch

Change gears quickly to accommodate your riding needs and the terrain you're riding on. Moreover, a throttle cut-off switch is included. To avoid tapping the throttle due to malfunction, you can disable the red button throttle switch. The button is located near the thumb on the handlebar, making it convenient to switch states at any time while riding.

180mm Mechanical Disc Brakes

Compared with traditional V brakes and caliper brakes, disc brakes have stronger braking force and provide efficient braking force, which can reduce the speed or stop the vehicle in a shorter time, so that the rider can respond to emergencies in a more timely manner, to maintain driving safety.

Backlit LCD Display & Pedal Assist

The + - buttons can adjust the level of pedal assistance during riding. Level 0 represents no pedal assistance, and level 5 represents the highest level of pedal assistance. The display panel appears as a battery capacity, speedometer, odometer, pedal assist level, light switch signal, and others. Makes it incredibly easy for riders to keep track of all the vital information, ensuring a safe and enjoyable riding experience. And have you found the hidden bell button?

Adjustable Stem, Personalized Adjustments

The angle-adjustable handlebar design of the electric bicycle allows the rider to adjust the angle of the handlebar according to personal preference and riding needs. By adjusting the angle of the handlebars, riders can find the best wrist, arm, and shoulder position for them, reducing fatigue while riding and providing better handling and stability.

Ergonomic Seat

Adopting an ergonomic seat can provide a comfortable, supportive, and healthy riding experience. They help maintain correct posture, reduce fatigue and discomfort, and improve stability and control. Adjustable seat height, adjust the most suitable riding posture according to your height and sitting posture. Enjoy a healthy and happy long ride!

Explore first-class safety features for all rider types.


48V 14Ah LG lithium battery


750W Bafang Silent Brushless Motor


35-60 miles

Tire Size



Waterproof 22A controller

Pedal Assist



Shimano 7-speed shifting gears


2-year warranty

Frequently encountered problems

Electric bikes, also known as e-bikes, work by combining traditional pedal power with an electric motor to provide an extra boost of propulsion. It has 3 work models: Classic Pedal model, Pedal assist model, and Only Throttle model.
In addition to the classic bicycle mode, this e-bike has two other electric riding modes:1. Pedal assist mode with a top speed of 20 mph and a range of 55 miles per charge; 2. Throttle assist mode, using pure electric power, with a maximum speed of 20mph and a battery life of up to 30 miles when fully charged.
The fat tire ebike speed can reach 20 mph. And it can reach 25MPH if you unlocked the limit.
Recommended tire pressure will always be printed on the sidewall of each tire. Suggested pressure can be printed as a given maximum (e.g. MAX 60 PSI) or a range (e.g. 80-100 PSI). Even when a range is given, to optimize performance do some testing within that range, as your bike model, payload and riding surface will dictate the optimum PSI for you.
Shipping is free for orders shipped within the 48 contiguous states in the US. However, it can not ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and other U.S. territories.
We only provide FREE shipping to the 48 states in the US. But not Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the other U.S. territories. And we DO NOT ship to PO BOXES or APO.
We offer 30 Day unconditional refund guarantee for unopened or unused Items. For the details, please refer to the return policy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Love the white bike

For a big person like myself, this electric bike is ideal. Additionally, the charging speed is really quick. It has now become a necessary alternative for my commute to work since I now live in the suburbs, roughly 10 km from where I work. I absolutely like how dependable and adaptable it is.

Carrie Cuevas
Love the pedal assist

This e-bike can handle steep hills and I love the automatic pedal assist.
Of course, if you want to save some effort, you can directly use pure electric mode to climb hills.

Great bike

Love this bike. Already ride over 50 miles and to give it a review. Overall I think it’s a great purchase. I’m 6’-4” tall and it fits me comfortably. Rides super smooth. Only negative thing so far is the throttle, it seems only can reach 22mph. Hope it can be more faster. I would recommend this bike to anyone, great purchase in my opinion.

Hey Gratz,
Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We appreciate your support and feedback!
Pedal Less, Explore More!

Nice ride, lots of power

Having traversed hills and mountains, the bike is sturdy. The strong motor makes climbing steep hills a breeze. Because the logistical shipment takes so long and I didn't receive the items until around 8 days ago, I only gave it a four-star rating. But in the end, I also got the shipment, and it was in great shape and safe.

Hey Ray,
Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We appreciate your support and feedback!
Pedal Less, Explore More!

Looking forward to riding

A bigger guy like myself would love this bike. The pedal assist is really cool and will get you up to speed very quickly and the top speed is really much faster than I thought. I'm really looking forward to riding this summer.
With the fat tires and a shock absorption system, the bike will be able to withstand a fairly challenging ride with no problems. By the way, this bike charges faster than I anticipated, so you can turn the bike around very quickly when necessary in addition to getting a lengthy ride out of a charge.