Member point value redemption


Member point value redemption
Ways to earn points
Place an order

1 Point for every $1 spent

Celebrate a birthday

100 points

Sign up

50 points

Follow & Share

Follow on Instagram: 50 points

Share on Facebook: 50 points

Redeem Rider Points For Discount
Redeem your hard-earned Rider Points into a coupon code, and use it at checkout for claiming your discount.
100 points equals $1
$10 OFF
1000 Points
$50 OFF
5000 Points
$100 OFF
10000 Points
Referral a friend
Share your unique referral link with a friend to give them $80 off their first purchase and you’ll also get $80 off to use toward ebike purchase on our site.
How to earn points
The referral program is integrated with our rewards program. When you refer friends, family, and your audience to buy FAVOTO ebikes, you'll earn points you can redeem for money off your next purchase
Create a new account to join the program. To earn points and share with friends
Share your unique referral link with whoever you want. social media and even text messages.
Whenever someone buys an ebike through your referral link, you’ll get a $80 off coupon to use toward future purchases on Favoto!
FAQ's for the referral program
Log in to your account to view your account points balance.
No, there is no limited.

First, to turn points into a reward, your need to log into the rewards account. Once they're logged in, open the rewards panel.

Next, click on 'Ways to redeem'.

If you have enough points for one of the rewards, there will be a Redeem button, click to redeem.

Points do not expire.
Yes, the maximum discount amount that can be redeemed at one time is $100.
Rewards are tied to an email address. To ensure earned rewards, status updates, and exclusive perks all go to one place, we recommend making all purchases from the same email.
If you find that the Electric bike you purchased is not suitable, you can return it within 30 days (in new, unridden/unused condition) for a refund in accordance with our Return Policy. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the sizing, specifications, or any other aspect of the Electric bike before placing an order, we highly recommend that you contact us by email. Our team will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information and help you make an informed decision.
It can sometimes take a few minutes for us to process your activity and provide your points. If it still fails, please contact our customer service for consultation.
You can only choose to use one discount code per order. Favoto prohibits stacking discount .