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We, in our late 60s, have an RV and were looking for 2 lightweight folding electric bikes.

They arrived 12 days ago and have definitely been a lot of fun and a very worthwhile purchase!!!

They are somewhat different to bikes as we've known them but confidence is building daily as we've adapted to the differences.

Other campers have also expressed admiration and asked about them.

The only downside is, as many people have commented, the seat. But knowing this we bought new ones before the bikes arrived.

A few other campers have asked

Very durable and perfect beginners ebike in my opinion

The fact that it is foldable and the battery is removable are a huge plus in Itself. This bike also has some really great get up and go. It does get a max of 18mph (apparently there is away to unlock it to 20 mph max not sure how to do it but honestly it definitely has some speed to that 18mph. I recently got into a bit of a gnarly bike accident on a biking trail (luckily I was wearing my helmet) and it was a situation where I instinctively hit the breaks at a bad time and ended up going over the handle bars head first and then the back end landed on my leg. I thought for sure that crash was gonna cause some kinda damage outside of slight cosmetical damage (a slight scratch) but she is still working just as reliably and sturdy as it has since the day I got it. I also like that you can get up to 51 miles per charge, I will say that it does take a little work getting up a hill any steeper than maybe 15 degrees (estimation wise). I have recently upgraded to a different ebike and will be giving this one to my wife as it is better mileage and the battery last longer than her current one. I would definitely recommend this bike for so many reasons. My only suggestion would be maybe putting on tires that don't only prevent punctures especially when going off road bike riding (which it has) but combine that with a an anti skid strength kinda material.

Great small compact bike

Just got my flow triple suspension e-bike.

WOW!! Very smooth ride, top speed was fast enough. The mileage was my favorite and the reason I bought this particular bike. I had a Jetson bolt pro and there is no comparison. Love the headlight, taillight, brake light. Love the suspension. Overall just plain Love it. Will highly recommend. And ordered on Friday, received it Tuesday. Amazing!!

Thank you for your fantastic review! Your recommendation means a lot to us, and we're glad you had such a speedy delivery experience. Enjoy your rides!

Great price for all the cool features but not so ultra-light

Great price for all the great features and a nice look!! I love the LCD backlit display, LED headlight, fat tires and the sleek design. The assemble was super easy with the instruction video available on YouTube. I get a lot of compliments. The seat is slim, hard and uncomfortable. The weight is definitely not 38 lbs with battery. It's actually around 42 lbs which makes a little harder for me (5"1' petite woman) to carry it up 3 flights of stairs. Also it's a little difficult to lock it with U-lock to the rack when the rack is positioned higher than the frame. Overall, I'm happy with my purchase.

Thank you so much for taking the time to share such a detailed review!

We apologize for any discomfort with the seat and the discrepancy in the weight. We greatly appreciate your feedback and have since reviewed the product's weight. Indeed, there was a difference, and we have now adjusted the product information to ensure accuracy for future customers.

In addition, all seats in the next batch have been upgraded. Thank you for your feedback. Happy riding!

Great bike

This is a great bike, takes on bumpy dirt roads like a trooper. We really like how it handles.

Thank you so much for your positive feedback! We're thrilled to hear that our bike is handling those bumpy dirt roads like a champ and that you're enjoying the ride. Your satisfaction with its performance and handling means a lot to us. Happy biking! ‍♂️

Feather aluminum ultra light folding bike

So far I am loving it. Had to change out that seat. Sorry but it was terrible. Was a bit disappointed to find out it did not have a taillight or brake light, just a reflector. Overall I love it!!!

Thank you for sharing your feedback! We're thrilled to hear that you love your Feather aluminum ultra-light folding bike. We appreciate your candid comments about the seat and understand that comfort is key, so we will be updating the seat in the next batch of bikes to enhance comfort and overall experience.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the lack of a taillight or brake light. Your input is valuable, and we'll certainly take it into consideration for future enhancements. Enjoy your rides, and if you have any other suggestions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out! Happy cycling!

Great for Camping

Perfect for camping. Just bought ours and love it. We go camping every weekend and as you can see it can also carry firewood purchased from the camp store. The front basket has pop and chips inside also from the store. I take our garbage to the dumpster every day.

Thank you for your fantastic review! We're delighted to hear that your Feather aluminum ultra-light folding bike is perfect for your camping adventures. Your feedback truly showcases the bike's versatility. Enjoy your camping trips, happy camping!
Also, from your photos, I noticed that you replaced the original seat of your ebike. We understand that seats can be a little uncomfortable. We are happy to inform you that we will be updating the seat in the next batch of bikes to enhance comfort and overall experience. Again, thanks for your feedback!

Budleys Ebike

Arrived as planned and in good condition. Quick assembly no problems.
The design is very similar to the Lectric 2.0 in a mini version.
Excellent build welds, paint, assembly. I like the little extras that others don’t put on theirs like a cell phone holder, bell, front carry bag etc.

Thank you so much for your positive feedback! We're glad you appreciate the Feather bike design. Our team puts a lot of effort into ensuring the build quality. It's wonderful to hear that you noticed and liked these aspects. Happy riding!

a seat was terrible. I had to switch that out right away. Otherwise it was easy to put together and I think it’s a good little bike for the money.

Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry to hear that the seat did not meet your expectations. We're pleased that you found the assembly process easy and consider the bike a good value for the money.
We're happy to inform you that we will be updating the seat in the next batch of bikes to enhance comfort and overall experience. Thank you for helping us improve!

The only reason I would of gave it 4 stars

I would have gave it four stars only cause your knees hit the front handlebar and it's difficult to pedal. This was designed to cruise. The buttons work great for the gears, front and back lights are bright, the front and back disc brakes are amazing. The light could be better but it does the job and if you have the head lap then your good. The seat 7 out of 10, is hard and not big enough but can make it do. Has built in horn and lights switch. All in all I give this EBike an 8.5 out of 10. Worth every penny, I highly recommend for shorter then 6' 1 but A+

Thank you for your detailed review and for sharing your experience with our Flow foldable eBike.

We apologize for the issues you encountered with the seat and the handlebar design. Please note that the Flow foldable eBike is most suitable for riders between 5 feet and 6 feet tall, which might help prevent the issue of the knees hitting the handlebar. We're continuously working to improve our products, and your feedback is invaluable in this process.

Thank you again for your recommendation and for helping us make our eBikes better!

Feather Aluminum Ultra-light Folding Electric Bike
Ronald Higgins a.k.a. CletusMaxx
77 Year old Male Ebike Rider 5"6" Favoto Feather EBike Fits Just Fine

Fast ship, Fast bike especially against a 25 mph wind, well protected for shipping, arrived safe and sound, good instructions, very little to assemble and adjust, fits just right in my SUV, I use the rubber protection guards used in shipping the bike to protect the bike when folded, Fun to ride, the seat is ok for me also, rode 10 miles first ride and 15 miles 2nd ride. I really appreciate the ease of folding and unfolding the bike. Only takes about 3 hours for charging. Thank you for the excellent product and service.

No Regerts

Just a few days in with mine, obviously I'll need to replace the seat...other replacements will purely be cosmetic in the near future.

But this thing is great for where I live and how quickly it gets me there while feeling solid doing its purpose. Out of the box was very easy to assemble...the only issue were the handlebars as the bolt needs to be loosened a bit before installation. I also would recommend some sort of mechanical lubrication in the folding joints, as they did seem to be a bit stiff.

Otherwise, I can say this thing is great, well worth the buy for urban commutes and short trips. 6' even and 165lb... It zooms me around with no issues.

I'm 6'2" and this bike Is an absolute joy to ride

Lite weight easy to mount and dismount ride is incredible a 65 year Olds dream bike

Made everything right quickly to

I was unfortunately delivered my Flow bike missing the pedals/ charger accessories box ..I immediately notified sales, So they quickly made things right and went the extra mile to make sure I had what I needed right away...they are great 😃

Extremely Happy

I am extremely happy with the Flurry 2.0 Fat tire E-bike. I just hope I can get out and ride the bike with my little boy. I'm waiting for favoto to bring out some child seats so I don't buy another brand.

Flip 2.0 Compact Folding Electric Bike
Car Jl Bier
Favoto eBikes

I loved their eBike and the great service. In fact, I loved it so much I purchased a second bike for my wife. Great customer support A+ rating. -

Super impressed!

I just got this and haven’t ridden it much but here is what I know so far:
The “assembly” is really easy, put in the handlebar and seat, screw on the pedals and plug in the battery, that’s it. Takes literally 10 minutes.
Very well built, everything fits and seems very high quality.
If I get the range they claim I’ll buy another!

I love it

Just alittle fast for me I

Really good electrin bike! Ride everyday!

The 'Flow' was easy to assemble. There are clear instruction videos online, and it took about an hour by myself. It rides very smoothly; I take it 7.5 miles to work every day. Charges are in about 3 hours and can go about 30 miles. And it's easy to carry to my office, and foldable storage only needs a small space.

flurry 2.0 white step thru fun one

ok had my step thru awhile now and really enjoying it.
i got the fearless step over a few months before & like it.
but this flurry has been a very nice surprise. It climbs my drive like its nothing?
from a 12% grade up my [short distance] 23% grade right up to the shop!
And the hub motor is still cool to the touch!?! even after 3/4 mile of 8 to 12% constant climbing PAS4 gear 1 going 16 mph pedaling no throttle - wow
of course on the 23% I do pedal about 30 yards up & the last 20 yards to the shop, but going 11+ Mph? wow Im impressed.

the rear rack is aluminum & looks good [havnt used that yet]
the tail light on the rack looks good and is a brake light too.

yup got it before Christmas & too much snow for me then.
Im riding it here & to the neighbors n back.
what a great ebike.
750 watt hub drive & mech brakes (I prefer mech Brakes) I can fix these "if" they need it.

Judge.me YouTube video placeholder
Smaller than thought, but light in weight to pick up and travel

I did own a more expensive EV Bike, got stolen so decided to buy this one.
I love the weight, I can take in my SUV and travel.
I'm 5' 10" a little small, my knees hit the handle bars, think a little adjustment may work better. Only 3 speed, can't really peddle, no work out just Cruz on battery! Can't see your current speed, but this is probably why it was less expensive. LOL
Great toy bike can't take this one too series if you want to work out!

Fun Bike

My wife loves riding this bike. It folds and fits in my Tesla Model 3, with another road bike.

I like!

I recently purchased it, and it functions flawlessly and matches the description in every way. The quality is good, and the tires are thick and stable. It is foldable, and removing the battery allows for simple charging. I like. It is small in size and does not take up space. It also has a good load-bearing capacity. Additionally, the speed is good.

Flip 2.0 Compact Folding Electric Bike
Jake Rindosh
Jakes’ thoughts

Very nice bike for the whole family to use. Additional bikes will be bought if anyone takes an interest in them.