Copy of About Us

How did we get started?

Our founders were first and foremost on and off-road cycling enthusiasts. They noticed the trend to offer cycleways in cities to encourage greener and healthier travel wasn’t being adopted by so many people, who saw cycling as spandex-suited health nuts willing to cycle for hours in country and city roads in driving rain (Guilty!): not for most people for sure!

E-bikes were beginning to emerge, and they saw people were beginning to enjoy cycling again with e-bikes making journeys easier; but the cost and quality were varied across the market: They were sure they could do better and offer a range of e-bikes that would offer the very best quality for the money spent; AKA “Bang for buck”.

FAVOTO was born out of that belief, and the desire to get more people enjoying cycling, for their health and wellbeing, as well as for the environment. 


What makes our products different?

In the past 5 years, we have continuously researched and invested in the very best design, materials, and manufacturer of e-bikes and cycling-related products, with attractive eye-catching designs, to create desirable, reliable, and durable products that provide our customers with the best value for money. 

We listen to the FAVOTO community, receiving feedback and suggestions from our customers worldwide that encourage us to develop and create our range, from regular cycling accessories to our impressive e-bike range.


Why do we love what we do?

We strongly believe that we are doing something positive. Riding not only encourages people to be healthier, but also, and importantly, reduces pollution. E-bikes offer the freedoms and love we have for cycling to people who otherwise considered themselves too old or unhealthy to join in and rediscover the love of bikes they had in their youth!

More people enjoy the outside with family and friends; or even their own cities as they are able to access parts of the city with bikes, often easier and with more engagement than in a car or bus.

To be part of this often life-changing trend keeps us motivated.  


Our Mission

To continue to offer people the very best value in time and energy-saving cycling products, and encourage them to enjoy the freedom that comes with outdoor cycling, and that we have always enjoyed, wherever they are. Welcome to the club!