Winter E-bike Battery: Everything you Need to Know

With Christmas coming, the temperature gets lower, and winter is also coming. I believe you are very interested in how to care for your e-bike in the winter. Also, riding safely in the winter is important. Today, we will deeply discuss this project and give all riders a safety manual.

1. How do you store an e-bike battery in the winter?

1.1 Always store your battery in a warm environment.

There is some research on how temperature affects the capacity of a lithium-ion battery.

When the temperature is higher than 0 ◦C, the discharge capacity of the lithium ion battery basically remains above 93.4%. When the temperature is lower than 0 ◦C, the discharge capacity of the lithium ion battery begins to decrease, and it drops sharply as the temperature drops.


1.2 Store your battery indoors, especially in some cold areas.

When you end a trip and go home, it's important to remove the battery and store it in a warm room. Otherwise, bring the e-bike into the room rather than park it in an unheated garage or shed. The cold temperatures outside cause the gel inside the battery to stiffen, reducing its range of availability. Especially in some states, the winter is very cold, like Alaska, Maine, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Wisconsin, etc.

1.3 Charge the Battery Indoors with the Original Charger

If you charge a battery at a cold temperature, the charging process will be hard due to the temperature. It's very hard to reach full capacity in this situation, which will affect the riding range. And maybe have forever damage to the battery, shortening the life of the battery.
So please do not charge the battery in cold weather. And must use the original charger.

1.4 Take off the battery when you are not riding

When you do not use the bike, please remove the battery and take it to a proper space. Keep the battery at 40–60% of its capacity, as it is the ideal amount for storing.

2. Riding Your Favoto E-bike in the Winter 

2.1. Test the battery

As you know, cold temperatures can affect the battery's performance, especially for range. And normally, the pedal assist 1 is less electric than the pedal assist 5, and much less than the throttle. So if you want to ride a long-range journal, just keep the pedal and use a low pedal assist.

2.2. Fat Tire Adopt All Terrains

Cold temperatures always mean the road may be iced. So anti-slip is very important. Favoto Flurry 2.0 fat tire electric bikes have a clear texture and enough grip to increase friction. Consider studded tires or snow tires for added traction in icy conditions.

2.3. Effectively brakes

Wet or iced roads are very slippery, so you must have an efficient brake to stay safe. And don't ride too fast; keep an eye on the road in case of an accident.

2.4. Warm Clothes and Gear

Please wear warm and comfortable clothes when you are riding. Wear waterproof clothing to protect against rain or snow. Not only the cloth but also gloves, helmets, and other protective

2.5. Electronic Components:

Protect electronic components from moisture. Ensure that connectors are sealed, and use waterproof covers when necessary.

2.6. Emergency Kit:

Carry a small emergency kit with essential tools, a spare tube, and a portable pump in case of unexpected issues.

You may extend the life and performance of your e-bike's battery in the winter by using these suggestions and taking into account the unique features of your battery.