"Proof of Presents" - Valentine's Day

The New Year has just passed, and Valentine’s Day is coming! Are you still thinking about what gift to prepare for your lover? An e-bike is a very good choice. Not only can you enjoy the joy of riding, but you can also participate with your lover. Plan a romantic cycling date for two people!

Can't receive the electric bike as scheduled for Valentine's Day? Do not worry! Get "Proof of Presents", and your lover can still have a surprise on 2/14. 

These are printable gift cards that let your loved one know that their two-wheeled adventure is on the way!

All of the eBike "Proof of Purchase" cards are included here. Just click the "Proof of Present" icon next to the item you would like to purchase to download and print your document.

Flurry 2.0 High-Step Ebike White: "Proof of Presents" Feather Mini Folding Ebike Black: "Proof of Presents"
Flurry 2.0 High-Step Ebike Orangered: "Proof of Presents" Feather Mini Folding Ebike White: "Proof of Presents"
Flip 2.0 Folding Ebike Green: "Proof of Presents" Feather Mini Folding Ebike Turquoise: "Proof of Presents"
Flip 2.0 Folding Ebike Blue: "Proof of Presents" Feather Mini Folding Ebike Navy: "Proof of Presents"
Flow Commuter Folding Ebike White: "Proof of Presents" Flow Commuter Folding Ebike Black: "Proof of Presents"
Flow Commuter Folding Ebike Aquamarine: "Proof of Presents"

1. Gifts for the adventurous: Favoto Flurry 2.0

With the 750W motor power, 672Wh batteries, 4.0" fat tire, and front suspension package, the Favoto Flurry 2.0 electric bike enables off-road capability.

It has two options: high-step and step-through frames, which can meet the needs of different people. Of course, the step-through frame makes it easier to get on and off the bike. For example, you can easily get on the seat cushion by raising your legs slightly, or it is very convenient when riding in a skirt.

2. Gift for tiny-height rider: The most lightweight E-bike

The Favoto Feather mini folding electric bike is the smallest folding electric bike developed by the brand so far. As its name suggests, it's also the lightest, at 38 pounds. You can fold it and easily put it into small spaces such as cabinets, RVs, and car trunks. It can also be used as a daily commuting tool and carried into the subway, bus, or even the office.
Its compact size has no bearing on its functionality; it has 36V, 10.4AH battery capacities, a 250W brushless motor, and a max speed of 20 mph. It also features 3 riding modes: the traditional riding model, the pedal assist model, and the throttle model.

3. The choice for riding comfort: Favoto Flow Triple Suspension Folding Electric Bike

Introducing the latest comfortable folding bike. It not only takes into account the portability of the folding bike but also improves the riding comfort performance. Brings diverse options based on rider needs.

This model is worth considering for customers who have high-priority extended travel distance requirements because it can increase mileage by changing the capacity of the external battery. We also make every effort to ensure your comfort while riding, with features like thickened seat cushions, a front basket, six suspension fork systems, etc.

When it comes to Valentine's Day gifts, I believe an e-bike is the best option because:

1. Cycling together creates more shared memories and explores the scenery along the way. Such as a cycling date at sunset, romantic!

2. Take care of his or her health! In the past, COVID-19 has historically caused discomfort for most people to varying degrees. Cycling exercises and improves the body’s immunity;

3. We support you with a handwritten card; a sincere handwritten love letter can express your deepest feelings, and of course, if you have special needs, we can help you design the card; you just print it out. Please contact us via email after placing your order.

Missed Valentine's Day? Place an order and get "Proof of Presents," your lover can still have a surprise on 2/14.