The Cause of Electric Bike Fired

In recent years, fires caused by lithium batteries have occurred frequently, and Lithium batteries are widely employed In A Variety of Areas, Including Cellphones, Laptop Computers, Electric Cars, Electric Bicycles, and Other Things. As a result, The Public Has Paid Close attention to battery Security.

1. Lithium battery fire causes

The primary factor in lithium-ion battery fires is thermal runaway, which is brought on by the battery being too hot. This is most likely to happen when the battery is being charged and discharged. Most of the lithium battery fires currently on the market are due to the use of non-compliant batteries, battery chargers, or improper charging methods.

To overcome the thermal runaway problem with Li-ion batteries, manufacturers have developed a number of design components and safety measures. The assurance of battery quality comes from retailers who sell premium battery brands. Its safety and compliance have been acknowledged.

2. Favoto Electric Bike Battery Safety

Favoto uses a lithium battery manufactured by LG battery brand dealers. The battery's battery management system (BMS) can stop overcharging and stop overcharging-related fires and explosions. The complementary battery charger also contains current protection, and voltage protection, and has received the American authority's UL certification.

2.1  The battery management system (BMS)

Charge and discharge protection:
The charging and discharging of the battery is controlled according to the state of charge of the battery. When a certain parameter exceeds the standard, such as the voltage of a single battery being too high or too low, in order to ensure the normal use and performance of the battery pack, the system will cut off the relay and stop the battery. Energy supply and release.
Temperature Protection:
The temperature of the battery measuring point in each battery box is collected in real-time. No matter if the temperature gets too hot or cold, it will shut down the charging system to prevent danger.
Balance Control:
The BMS ensures that each cell in the battery is charged and discharged evenly to prevent any cell from becoming overcharged or over-discharged.

2.2 UL certification battery charger

Voltage protection:
Voltage protection can help prevent the charger output voltage from being too high or too low, preventing damage to the battery or other circuit equipment.
Current protection:
Current protection can help prevent charger overload, battery damage, and other potential circuit issues.

3. How to use lithium batteries safely?

Please refer to Ebike Battery & Maintenance.

4. Lithium Battery Fire Emergency Handling Measures

4.1. Evacuation: Immediately get everyone out of the area and to a safe place if a lithium battery catches fire.
4.2. Do not use water to put out a fire caused by a lithium battery since water may react with the battery and make the situation worse. To put out the fire, use a dry powder fire extinguisher, sand, or a fire blanket.
4.3. Avoid touching the battery directly to avoid getting burned or being exposed to dangerous chemicals.
4.4. Provide appropriate ventilation by opening windows and doors to enable the area to get rid of any hazardous odors.
4.5. Isolation and containment: If a lithium battery is harmed or appears to be leaking, keep it away from other flammable materials.
4.6. Keep a safe distance: Maintain a safe distance from the battery and do not attempt to move it if you are not trained to do so.


When it comes to the lithium batteries used in electric bicycles, safety comes first. We may lower the risk of accidents, safeguard ourselves, other people, and the environment by being aware of the causes of battery fires and following safety regulations. Let's put lithium battery safety first and take preventative action to make sure our electric bike journeys are fun and secure.