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I'm 6'2" and this bike Is an absolute joy to ride

Lite weight easy to mount and dismount ride is incredible a 65 year Olds dream bike

Made everything right quickly to

I was unfortunately delivered my Flow bike missing the pedals/ charger accessories box ..I immediately notified sales, So they quickly made things right and went the extra mile to make sure I had what I needed right away...they are great 😃

Extremely Happy

I am extremely happy with the Flurry 2.0 Fat tire E-bike. I just hope I can get out and ride the bike with my little boy. I'm waiting for favoto to bring out some child seats so I don't buy another brand.

Flip 2.0 Compact Folding Electric Bike
Car Jl Bier
Favoto eBikes

I loved their eBike and the great service. In fact, I loved it so much I purchased a second bike for my wife. Great customer support A+ rating. -

Super impressed!

I just got this and haven’t ridden it much but here is what I know so far:
The “assembly” is really easy, put in the handlebar and seat, screw on the pedals and plug in the battery, that’s it. Takes literally 10 minutes.
Very well built, everything fits and seems very high quality.
If I get the range they claim I’ll buy another!

I love it

Just alittle fast for me I

Really good electrin bike! Ride everyday!

The 'Flow' was easy to assemble. There are clear instruction videos online, and it took about an hour by myself. It rides very smoothly; I take it 7.5 miles to work every day. Charges are in about 3 hours and can go about 30 miles. And it's easy to carry to my office, and foldable storage only needs a small space.

flurry 2.0 white step thru fun one

ok had my step thru awhile now and really enjoying it.
i got the fearless step over a few months before & like it.
but this flurry has been a very nice surprise. It climbs my drive like its nothing?
from a 12% grade up my [short distance] 23% grade right up to the shop!
And the hub motor is still cool to the touch!?! even after 3/4 mile of 8 to 12% constant climbing PAS4 gear 1 going 16 mph pedaling no throttle - wow
of course on the 23% I do pedal about 30 yards up & the last 20 yards to the shop, but going 11+ Mph? wow Im impressed.

the rear rack is aluminum & looks good [havnt used that yet]
the tail light on the rack looks good and is a brake light too.

yup got it before Christmas & too much snow for me then.
Im riding it here & to the neighbors n back.
what a great ebike.
750 watt hub drive & mech brakes (I prefer mech Brakes) I can fix these "if" they need it. YouTube video placeholder
Smaller than thought, but light in weight to pick up and travel

I did own a more expensive EV Bike, got stolen so decided to buy this one.
I love the weight, I can take in my SUV and travel.
I'm 5' 10" a little small, my knees hit the handle bars, think a little adjustment may work better. Only 3 speed, can't really peddle, no work out just Cruz on battery! Can't see your current speed, but this is probably why it was less expensive. LOL
Great toy bike can't take this one too series if you want to work out!

Fun Bike

My wife loves riding this bike. It folds and fits in my Tesla Model 3, with another road bike.

I like!

I recently purchased it, and it functions flawlessly and matches the description in every way. The quality is good, and the tires are thick and stable. It is foldable, and removing the battery allows for simple charging. I like. It is small in size and does not take up space. It also has a good load-bearing capacity. Additionally, the speed is good.

Flip 2.0 Compact Folding Electric Bike
Jake Rindosh
Jakes’ thoughts

Very nice bike for the whole family to use. Additional bikes will be bought if anyone takes an interest in them.

Arrived in perfect condition!!

I’m pleasantly surprised by the workmanship of the bike. Solid welding, solid color and looks great!! I have the black. Easy finish with assembly (in fact) very little assembly!! Packaged very secure. Charging it up now. I’m looking forward to my first ride!! Customer service is 5star!!

Fit my height

I'm short, and most regular bikes are not suited for my height. But this one is excellent. I live in a small town. We have a lot of rail trails where we allow e bikes and a lot of people have them. Looking forward to riding out with my neighbors!

Love to ride around

I live in the suburbs and e bike would be great for short trips to stores. Love to ride around and save gas.

Impressive Quality

I am very impressed with the design and quality of construction of the Flurry 2.0 also the use of brand name components. I researched for 6 months before deciding on the Favoto brand. At $849 delivered to my door I couldn’t believe it. Assembly took less than an hour and I was riding. My first e-bike purchase and really looking forward to racking up the miles on it!!

I love this bike!

This bike is enjoyable to ride, well-made, and fully functional!
I could not be happier with what I bought. I looked at several brands of e-bikes on the market. When the bike is of the same quality as this one, it will typically cost more. When I received the package, it was indeed consistent with the description, and it was a great value for money. So I definitely recommend this company!

Whole set package.

Yes, I purchased this bike a few weeks ago, and it shipped quickly. And I also bought a package of front and rear baskets, a helmet, and a battery-powered fireproof bag. It would be even better if they had their trunk bag in stock, so I could have a complete set of gear.

The package with a hole.

The package was delivered on time, but there was some damage on the box. Fortunately, the ebike was all good. Just have s short riding test, everything is great. Thank you!

Flip 2.0 Compact Folding Electric Bike
Great for riding around the countryside!

Package well and easy to assemble. Also it's easy to folding or unfolding the bike. For conventinent, especially choose the step-thru style. I've started prepare other accessories to round out my riding gear. Rear basket, rear bag, tow mirror, water cup holder, etc. Looking forward to starting riding next spring.

Great ebike that has it all!

My red bike has a great fit and finish. Purchase on the New Year sale for a great value!

Like the color!

This is the first e-bike I've ever purchased, and I'm very happy with it; I mainly use it to get to work and home. Assembly was a breeze; the bike was almost 90% assembled before it went into the box, and I only had to complete the remaining 10%. And the battery doesn’t take that long to charge. Another reason I bought this bike is that I like the eye-catching turquoise design. Although cream white is also beautiful, turquoise is so attractive to me; it is similar to my favorite color, Tiffany 💗💗💗

Flip 2.0 Compact Folding Electric Bike
Fun ride!

With a sleek design, powerful motor, and long-lasting battery life, it makes daily rides a joy. The foldable design makes it convenient to take with my truck. I can take it to hiking, camping, and even fishing.

Excellent ebike!

The pedal assist is very helpful to save energy and be able to ride further. This is a must-have for anyone looking for an efficient and comfortable ride. As I get older, my physical strength can no longer support me riding for a long time. This bike is the real deal. It performs exceptionally well, with a powerful motor that quickly gets you up to speed; the battery is long-lasting, and I have already ridden about 30 miles and still have half the batteries.

Great investment!

With 320 miles on the bike and counting, I intend to ride as much as possible and drive less. This was well worth the investment, and I would recommend it to everyone. I have had this bike for just over two months, and it has been fantastic. I use it as my daily commute to work and around town, and it has worked great.