Upgrade Your Daily Ride With Electric City Commuter Bike

If you're tired of driving and looking for another way to get around; Or you are an environmentalist and want to make a contribution to environmental protection. Electric bikes are a great option for you. Using an electric bike to commute is not only more convenient, economical, and environmentally friendly, but also allows you to better enjoy the life of outdoor riding and a free lifestyle.

1. Benefits of Ride Electric Bikes

1.1 Eco-friendly

Compared with traditional fuel vehicles, electric bike is more environment that use batteries as a power source and do not need to consume fuel. E-bikes emit no exhaust gas, reduce air & noise polution.

1.2 Health and Exercise

Riding an e-bike not only can exerise but also release your dail stress and fatigue. It is more health than driving a car or motorcycle. You can enjoy a free time in the daily by riding.

1.3 Reduce Traffic Jams and Save Time

Electric bike are more easy go out in the city. You can ride in small road or narrow areas pass through to aviod traffic congestion. Ride a bike have many choice of different road to reach the destinations, save more time.

1.4 Cost-effective and economical

The purchase and maintenance costs of an e-bike is lower than purchasing a car. Moreover, electric bike do not require additional costs such as gasoline and insurance, which reduces the economic burden of transportation.

2. Features of Electric City Commuter Bikes

2.1 Battery and motor specifications

48V 14Ah removable battery, 500W brushless motor, the speed can be reach 20mph. The motor meet with TÜV SÜD and UL certification, safety and quality insurance.

2.2 Safety features and accessories

The bike is equipped with LED headlights and brake taillights to effectively improve safety. Even in low light conditions, the brightness of the riding field of vision is improved; Tekero 180mm disc brake design, effective braking. The tail warning light is on while braking to reduce sudden accidents on the riding road.

2.3 Integration of smart technology

The handlebar is equipped with an LCD display with a backlight design, and the data can be clearly seen during the day and at night. Lighting, power, speed, gear, and total mileage can all be accurately recorded, and the rider can grasp all the data while riding, and adjust it in time according to the riding environment and road conditions.

If you're looking to upgrade your daily ride, an electric city commuter bike may be just what you need. They can make city travel easier, reduce traffic congestion and emissions, and keep you healthy and active. Choose Favoto's electric bike series for a more convenient and eco-friendly way to get around!