8 Essential Tips to Safeguard Your E-Bike from Theft

With the increase of electric bikes, e-bikes become a huge target for theft. Of course, it's worth more than a regular bike. In order to protect your investment, we have 8 tips about how to protect your bike from theft.

1. Choose a Secure Parking Spot

It is important to choose the best e-bike parking spot.

  • Look for well-light, high-traffic areas and, if possible, lock your bike on designated bike racks. Or secure it to a non-movable object, such as a light pole, fence, etc.
  • Try to park your bike in a monitored are. This will try to prevent thieves from stealing your bike. Avoid isolated areas that could provide cover for potential thieves.
  • Try to park in safe neighborhoods. Avoid remote or high-crime areas. Greatly reduces the chance of crime.
  • You can drop the battery and take it with you when you leave. Even if a thief steals your bike, he can't ride away quickly.

2. Purchase a High Quality Lock

Doing some research and buying a high-quality lock is your first line of defense against theft. Different types of locks are available, including U-locks, chain locks, cable locks, etc. Of course, The free chain lock by Favoto is also a good choice.

There is some recommed:

Disc Lock with alarm 

Fingerprint Cable Lock


Chain Lock

3. Increase Double Up on Locks

Increasing the number of locks on your e-bike can significantly improve its security. Of course, this may require multiple unlocks when you need to ride. Consider using a variety of locks to deter thieves who are skilled at breaking a specific type of lock. It provides an additional layer of security.

4. Install GPS Tracking in a hidden place

GPS tracking devices can be a lifesaver in case of theft. These devices allow you to track your e-bike's location in real time, increasing the chances of recovery if it's stolen. Install it in a hidden place in case the thief removes it easily. You can find several reliable GPS trackers available on Amazon; do your research and choose one that suits your needs.

5. Use Anti-Theft Accessories

Other anti-theft accessories can help to improve the security of your e-bike. Alarm systems, wheel locks, and secure skewers can all help to deter theft. These accessories can make your e-bike less appealing to would-be thieves.

6. Customize Your E-Bike for Identification

Customizing your e-bike for easy identification can help in recovery efforts.

  • Mark your name OR signature on the frame which is hard to modify. Thieves are generally less likely to steal property with clearly personal information on it, which is less likely to be resold.
  • Consider unique stickers, customizations that make your e-bike stand out. Thieves are less likely to target a bike that's easily recognizable.

7. Join a Community or Register Your E-Bike

Connecting with your local biking community can be extremely beneficial. They can offer assistance and information on local theft trends. Furthermore, registering your e-bike with the appropriate authorities or organizations can aid in recovery if t is ever stolen.

8. Learn more Local Ebike Laws

Understanding local e-bike laws and regulations is critical. Knowing what's legal and what isn't can help you protect your e-bike from potential legal issues while also ensuring you're using the best security practices.


Favoto electric bikes are built with high-tech components and are more expensive than traditional bikes, making them more attractive to thieves. Of course, we also sent a free chain lock to every owner who purchases a Favoto e-bike. It's also our responsibility to keep your property safe.