What to Expect at the Favoto Autumn New Product Launch

Cycling enthusiasts, get ready to embark on a thrilling journey with Favoto's latest innovations! We are proud to introduce its second-generation electric bike models.

Can you picture it? Take our red Flurry 2.0 ebike through the hills and the woods to activate the adventure mode; Alternatively, cycle the blue & white Flip 2.0 folding ebike along the picturesque seaside routes; Or, you can shuttle while riding the mint-green Flurry 2.0 step-thru ebike. You will stand out whether it is spring, summer, autumn, or winter.

This is the charm of Favoto’s new electric bike. Not only improves your riding experience but also provides a variety of choices in appearance, choose your stylish style.

If you are ready, please subscribe to get a first-hand consultation. Happy to announce that we will be launching a new product on 10/10. Flurry 2.0 High step electric bike, Flurry 2.0 Step thru electric bike, and Flip 2.0 folding electric bike. The above 3 products will soon be added to the Favoto product catalog.

2023 Autumn New Models:

1. Flurry 2.0 High-step electric bike

The Flurry series electric bike are fat tire off-road ebike, which is a great choice for adventure. It can be cycling on any terrain.

The Flurry 2.0 is an improvement based on the Flurry electric bike, as the name of the model suggests. We surveyed customers’ riding feedback, identified problems, and incrementally improved. The most important upgrades are:

1.1 A larger, more vivid screen
changed to a color screen that is bigger than the old one. It shows battery life, speed, mileage, assistance level, and other data so that you can ride with complete knowledge of your situation;

1.2 Update seat cushion to improve comfort while riding;
Anybody who has ever ridden a bicycle understands how important a comfortable saddle is. We chose this saddle after evaluating the ride quality of a variety of saddles in our own cycling experience. It not only considers riding comfort but also complies with ergonomic design principles, lessens friction and discomfort when riding, and supports the rider's riding posture;

1.3 Extra free accessories which most people wanted
After a series of market research, it was found that most customers prefer to purchase a rear rack when purchasing a bike to facilitate the installation of other accessories to increase the storage function of the bike. It is a must-have item for short trips; at the same time, the mobile phone holder is also a good choice, not only for navigation while riding, but also for shooting and recording the riding journey.

2. Flurry 2.0 Step thru electric bike

Flurry 2.0 step-thru e-bike is the first step-thru model for Favoto. Just as the Flurry 2.0 High Step electric bike, not only has it been upgraded with free accessories and a large color screen, but also the seat cushion of the step-thru model is compared to the high-step Larger and more comfortable, suitable for riding in cruiser scenarios.

In addition, for the step-thru cruiser e-bike riding experience, we adjusted the handlebar from the original straight handlebar to a curved handlebar, which can maintain a comfortable and relaxed straight-back riding posture.

3. Flip 2.0 folding electric bike

Compared with the Flip folding electric bike, the Flip 2.0 folding e-bike has a lower frame and is suitable for more people to ride, especially those who are shorter or have limited mobility. Of course, it also has a folding function and can be easily put into the trunk, making it convenient to carry and save space. It is a friendly choice for people living in city apartments.



Why should you get an e-bike from Favoto?

Eco-Friendly Transportation:

E-bikes are a vehicle that is friendly to the environment. Compared to cars and motorbikes, they emit no emissions and have a lesser carbon footprint. Only need to charge the battery which is 4-6 hours fast charge.

Cost Saving:

E-bikes are typically less expensive to buy and maintain than cars or motorcycles. You'll spend less on petrol, insurance, and parking, and the battery's charging requires very little electricity.

Fitness & Health:

The pedal assist system allows people who cannot completely pedal a bicycle to experience the joy of riding. It also can be used like a traditional bicycle to work while riding.


Riding an e-bike can make urban commuting more efficient. It's very pleasant to avoid traffic jams, and don’t have to worry about looking for a parking space.