What should be paid attention to when riding an Ebike?

1. What's the benifit for riding

Electric bike riding is a highly benefit activity. Not only can exercise your body but also take you outdoors view. Also, riding an electric bike can strengthen your heart, lower your blood pressure, and aid in stress relief.

To ensure a smooth and safe ride, however, we must make thorough preparations before riding and we must also pay attention to some safety issues while riding. Here are some things to do and avoid before you ride.

1. Preparation before riding

1.1. Inspect your e-condition:

Ebike's Before riding, make sure that all of the vehicle's components—including the battery charge, wheels, frames, brakes, etc. are in working order.

1.2. Pack the essentials gear:

Before riding, make sure to put on a helmet to protect your head from harm. Others such as sunglasses, water, snacks, etc. can be carried with reference to your own situation for emergencies.

1.3. Prepare tools:

Carry a portable total tool bag, including commonly used maintenance tools. Such as inner tubes, tire wrenches, screwdrivers, etc.

1.4. Plan your trip.

Avoid using the highway and limit your riding time. Arrange your route according to the conditions.

2. Correct riding posture

When you ride, your back is straight, but not upright, it's leaned forward and straight. Lean forward from the hips, not the waist or the back of the chest, otherwise, after long-term riding, the back pain will be unbearable.

In addition, the neck should be naturally straight, not too low or too straight. When riding, do not swing your body from side to side, buttocks should sit upright, legs should be balanced, and pay attention to the riding rhythm.

3. Adjust the seat to the right position

First, the seat must not be turned up and fitted horizontally, or with the front end slightly lower. Then make sure the seat height is comfortable.

You can replace it with a more big cushion to increase your comfort. Remember to park the electric bike in a secure area and adjust the seat if you start to feel uneasy while riding to prevent crotch scratches and joint wear and tear.

4. Step by step

Riding should be done according to your ability, moderate and not excessive. You can also increase the gear of the electric assist to be lazy during riding.

Every 30 minutes of cycling can have the effect of exercising, not more than 60 minutes. If the journey is long, remember to stop and take a proper rest. Don’t treat yourself as a professional athlete or your muscles will get sore easily. Don’t try to be brave.

5. Clothes should be breathable

Riding an electric bike is very sweaty, and it is easy to catch a cold when the wind blows. When riding an electric bicycle, don't wear too thick clothes or it will be stuffy. It is best to wear clothes with zippers, just unzip them when it is hot

6. Don't drink water

Riding an electric bike tends to sweat, so it's easy to get thirsty.
When riding a bicycle and thirsty, don't drink too fast, and don't drink cold water, it's not good for your health. It is best to drink warm water in small sips. If it is convenient, you can take a thermos with you, and stop and drink a small sip of water when you are thirsty.

7. Be sure to wear a helmet

The last but most important point is to wear a helmet during riding to prevent problems before they happen. Because you don't know that people or cars will appear at that corner, and the reaction time given to us is very short at that time, you must protect your head.

In short, pay attention to safety matters before riding and make full preparations to ensure smooth and safe riding. At the same time, keep a good attitude and enjoy the fun of riding.